11th NUTS of SAARC conference & 1st Nepal Transplantation Society

A Brief of Stories…

The need for formation of Nephrology, Urology and Transplantation Society of South Asian Regional Countries were felt in the 3rd National Convention and scientific seminar on Kidney and Urological Diseases in Dhaka, Bangladesh in February, 1994.

This was felt in view of large number of Kidney patients including acute and end stage renal failure in this part of the world. Although there are many International bodies of Nephrology and Urology around the global, this part of the world has always been neglected.

With this idea in mind at the end of the meeting of 3rd National Convention and scientific seminar on Kidney and Urological Diseases, the Nephrologists, Urologist and transplant surgeons of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh sat together and formed an ad hoc committee of SAARC on 8th of February, 1994 in Dhaka. During this meeting it was unanimously decided to hold 1st conference in New Delhi in 1995.

The first Conference was organized by Professor S. C. Dash as President of the organizing committee in March, 1995 in New Delhi. In that meeting, the delegates from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka sat together and discussed the future activities of the association. Constitution and bye laws were also discussed and reviewed.

The meeting decided to elect President in the next general meeting in Dhaka in 1997. However, Secretary General was elected for 5 years. Dr. Harun Ur Rashid, Prof. Nephrology, Institute of Post Graduate Medicine & Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh was unanimously elected as Secretary General. Other ad hoc committee members remain unchanged.

It was also decided that the 2nd Conference will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1997 and the third Conference will be held in Sri Lanka, in 1999.